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Lowest Unique Auctions

lowest unique auctionsDuration to Develop: 2 weeks
Support: free of cost support upto 1 year
This website is featured lowest unique bid auction site along with highest unique bid which is based on multicurrency standard website where users have language options between different languages present. Bids can be done by SMS bidding through the cell phones and online web site.


Functionality of the web site:

The website will be a typical a unique auction website where the lowest unique bidder wins the auction.

1: A member sign up (free)

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Suburb/city
  • Suburb/city
  • State/province
  • Postal code/zip code
  • Country
  • Date of birth
  • Phone no
  • Mobile no (This feature can be turned on or off in the setup file) http://funtimes-4u.com/
  • Email address
  • Confirm email address
  • Password
  • Confirm password
  • How did you hear about us
  • Confirmation of terms and condition and privacy policy

The member can change his profile after logging in: and it contains the following extra fields which can be modified :

  • Different shipping address or not
  • Shipping person name
  • Shipping street address
  • Shipping city
  • Shipping state/province
  • Shipping zip
  • Shipping country
  • Shipping phone no
  • Receive newsletter
  • Receive auction extend email or not
  • Receive auction closed email or not

2: He can browse the auction by different category.

3: The user must have the credit amount in his account for placing bid.

4: A auction is setup with the following variables:.

  • Biding Fee : This is the amount which is deducted from the member’s account for every bid placed.
  • Bid increment : The bid which is to be placed should be between the bid increment.
  • End Date and time : This is the end date and time for the auction.
  • Min bid amount : This is the minimum bid amount which can be placed for the auction.
  • Max no of bids : This is the maximum number of bids which can be placed for the auction.
  • Retail Price : This is the retail price .

5: The customer can view the detail of the product in the product detail page.

6: Then he can go the bidding page where he can place the bid amount for the auction.

7: There user bid in the auction and the obvious winner is the who places the lowest unique bid for the product.

8: If there is not lowest unique bid placed for the particular auction, then the winner is chosen from lowest bid which is placed only two times. And the winner is the person who placed this bid firstly. And if not two bid, then look for the lowest bid which is placed three times and so on.

9: The auction is closed in two conditions when the maximum no of bids for the auction is reached or when the end date and time for the auction is over.

Example of the winners by Bids:
Lets suppose that bids 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 5 are placed for a auction called A. Then, the winner is 2 since it is lowest and unique bid among the six bids.

Lets suppose that bids 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 5, 5 are placed for a auction called A. Then, the winner is the user who has placed the bid 1 at first time for this auction.


Parts of admin section :


1. User Management :
The users (members) of the site is managed under this section. Admin should be able to deactivate and block the user. The various sub-section which contains under this section are:

  • User Listing :
    All the users are listed under this section. Admin can search the user by their first name, last name, email, member id, and their status (like verified, unverified, paid ).
  • User Listing :
    This section contains the detail of the user.
  • View current Bid :
    This section contains the bids on the live auction by this particular user and status of the bid.
  • View Bid archieve :
    This section contains the bid placed by the user in the auction which is already closed.
  • View Winning :
    This section will contain the products won by the user.
  • Add money :
    This you can add the money for this user in this section.
  • Transaction detail of this user :
    This will contains the transaction detail or payment detail of the user.

2. Category management :
This is category section which categorizes the auction to be displayed in the front end. This contains the following sections:

  • Category management:
    You can add, update, disable and delete (only if there is no product is listed under this category).

3. Product Management :
All the auction(product) related functionality is managed under this section. Admin should be able to add, update and delete the detail of the project. This section also contains sub-section:

  • Product listing:
    All the products are listed under this section. They are listed under different category and subcategory. Admin should be able to search them by product’s name, their start date and end date, category as well. You should also be able sort out by current auction or the auction which is already been closed or dispatched.
  • Product Detail:
    Admin will be able to view the detail of the product.
  • Product Bids
    Admin will be able to view the bids on this product.

4. Content Management :
From this section, admin should be able to edit the content of the different sections of the site. A WYSIWYG editor will be provided to edit the detail of the content.

5. Site Setting (Configuration):
From this section, admin should be able set the different configuration for the site.

  • Configuration of the site for changing the status of the site to online or offline status.
  • Configuration of bonus points to be given to the user when his birthday is reached or when the somebody refer a friend and the referred friend sign-up for our site.
  • The different IP address from which the site should be blocked and member registration should be blocked.

6. Newsletter Management :

  • There should be listing of the email address who joined the mailing list . You should be able to delete the email address as well.
  • Admin will be able to configure the newsletter emails.
  • Admin will be able to save the newsletter.

7. Payment Settings :
Admin should be able to configure the different setting parameter for the different payment gateway of the site.

8. Site logs :
This section contains the log of login of the admin to the administration section and log of the work done by admin on the different section of the admin.

9. Email-Settings :
This section contains the layout (format) of the various emails which will be sent to the administrator and members of the site during various operation of the site.

10. Report section :
This section contains various report of our site. The different reports which need to be generated are :

  • Auction winner report.
  • No of bids by the day particular day.
  • Transaction completed on the particular day or range of days.
  • Top ten bidders.
  • Member who have not bid on any auctions. (Passive user)
  • Top 5 popular auction.
  • Ongoing auction report : this contains the status and detail of the ongoing project.

11. Country and State Management :
In this section, admin should be able to manage the detail of the country and states which is displayed in the user registration page.