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One Day Deal

onedaydealDatabase Tables:

  • Catalogue
  • Product
  • Catalogue Product
  • Order
  • Client/User
  • Visit
  • Comments
  • Review
  • Votes/Voting
  • AdminUsers
  • Facilities of the Developed Script

User Registration:

  • User enters details (TBA)
  • Signup to Daily Email
  • Signup to Monthly Newsletter


  • Survey on signup

Buy Process:
When user clicks ‘Buy’

Add Product to Shopping Cart and allow user to select Quantity (the max limit needs to be set in the Catalogue or Product table)

Payment Information

  • User enters details as per Paypal

Delivery Information:

  • onfirm Delivery Information

Confirm Order:

  • Buyer confirms order

Oders – Oder Management:
Display list of Orders for each day and export list (.CSV) for delivery info etc. (This list needs to be loaded into eParcel system to print labels/barcodes.)



  • Detailed product listing including: images, review, specifications Options
  • Ad Layout (maybe need to define layouts and use unique identifier)


  • Product review


  • A catalogue can have 1-to-many products (usually 1)
  • The catalogue has a time period what can be set for each day (usually 24hours)

users can leave comments for products, and also comment on comments. (I want this to look/function similar to www.digg.com and answers www.yahoo.com


  • User can vote (+1 or -1) on the product – similar to answers.yahoo.com

Administration interface to add/delete/modify products and other information such as reviews etc. This will include shipping rate calculations and other features such as calculating costs. Must be multi-user with different permissions.